Rail cargo

Fast and reliable rail logistics solutions

Why ROCKTRANS offers the optimal rail cargo solution?

Rail logistics solutions are the ideal alternative when there is a need to transport large volumes of goods in a short time. Various industrial products, from machinery, industrial machinery components, to grain and fuels find the most efficient methods of transportation by rail.

Our solutions come with the full ROCKTRANS experience:

  • Fast and high quality customer service;
  • Customized solutions according to needs, types of goods and budget;
  • Effective and fair costs;
  • Cargo safety is a priority;
  • Transport status monitoring.

Why our solutions?

We have been working in the field of freight transport for over 10 years, during which time we have accumulated the necessary experience and expertise to handle the most complex requests. We are with the customer from the moment he accepts the offer until the goods reach their destination safely.

ROCKTRANS benfits:

  • Quick response to quotation request;
  • Customization of the solution;
  • Specialized support throughout the duration of the contract;
  • Priority for the best cargo insurance alternatives;
  • Monitoring and reporting of shipment status;
  • Brokerage of customs documents.

The safety and security of customers’ goods is our priority. That is why we take active measures so that the whole process takes place in the best conditions by:

  • Strict cargo handling protocols;
  • Strict monitoring of each shipment.

Are you ready to experience the benefits of our air cargo services? Contact us, request an offer and we will respond to you in a maximum of 15 minutes with all the details.


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