Cargo insurance

We prevent the unpredictable

Whether it’s by air, sea or road, our goal is for the goods sent by customers to arrive on time and safely.

We take time, but when it comes to safety, we prefer to take all the precautions. That is why we recommend cargo insurance for all types of goods.

Why do you need cargo insurance?


Although, in 99% of cases, the goods arrive safely at their destination, risks exist throughout the transport. Accidents, carelessness during loading, poor securing or even theft are the main risks that occur during transport. If such a risk factor activates during transport, the damage can be major. Cargo insurance intervenes for full compensation, so as to minimize the impact of the risk on the owner of the cargo.

Your goods are protected from the most common risks

Loss or damage to the insured goods;
Insurance in case of fire, explosion, accident, derailment for land transport;
Insurance for marine transport in cases of sinking or overturning of the ship;
Covering damages caused by natural phenomena.

We help you find the best insurance option for your cargo


Our experienced transport and logistics consultants have the expertise to build and recommend a cargo insurance product tailored to each client’s needs.


Who needs cargo insurance?

The product is aimed at companies for which the transport of goods by road, rail, air or sea is an essential part of their daily activity. A solid argument in favor of taking out a cargo insurance policy is the value of the transported goods.

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